Products and Services

We provide a range of human rights products and services to business and other organisations, including on:

–  engaging with human rights, whether as part of corporate responsibility, sustainability or otherwise

–  human rights policy, framework, strategy design and implementation

–  preparing human rights capacity assessments and action plans

–  managing human rights risks, opportunities and performance

–  undertaking human rights due diligence and integration across business operations

–  project, transactional or organisational human rights risk and impact assessments and audits

–  human rights training and awareness raising for stakeholders

–  human rights capacity building for stakeholders

–  stakeholder engagement, activities and collaboration

–  communicating, reporting on and responding to human rights issues

–  remediation and grievance processes relating to human rights impacts

–  human rights monitoring, checklists, performance indicators, resources and tools

RightsBusiness also conducts research on and works with a wide range of stakeholders on business and human rights and related issues.

If you have any queries or suggestions about our human rights products or services, please let us know.